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Discover new career options that will light you up…

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Now more than ever, the world needs good people in positions with influence who love what they do.

I see you…


I highly recommend working with Linnet, she's not just professional and always approachable, but I felt like she really understood me and the problems I was dealing with.

— engineer

I know what it’s like, because I’ve been right where you are.

For almost 20 years, I worked in the corporate world  – most of the time in leadership roles.

While my career looked great on paper, I hit a point when I was frustrated with my work. I felt I wasnt making the impact I wanted, and every day felt like a struggle.

I wanted change, but was painfully aware that I also had a lot to lose. I felt stuck.

Thankfully, I lost my job.

Yes, you read that right. Otherwise, I might still be sitting in that same office feeling bad about myself…

I’ll be honest, initially, things went from bad to worse for me, as I tried to figure things out by myself. But with a helping hand, I learned to dive deep and figured out what I wanted and how to get there.

I was finally back in control of my career.


Over time, I got clearer and braver about making changes, leading me to eventually move away from my corporate roles and become a certified Coach and Trainer.

Today, I’m in a unique position where I can combine the perspectives from my professional background in HR and as a people leader with my own personal experience and my coaching skills to help my clients reach their goals much faster.

The interesting thing I often see is that when my clients take back control, they not only get better jobs, but often end up making more money than before.

Life is too short to spend suffering through a job that no longer works for you.

It’s time for change. 

With the "Time for Change" program, I have developed an offer that is bringing together the best tried and tested methods to help you take back control of your career.

Life is too short to spend suffering through a job that no longer works for you!

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The good news…

What if you could:

Would any of this help you?

Then my program is for you!

The Time for Change Program

A 3-month career development program with coaching, deep inner discovery and guidance to give you clarity and a plan to move into the future of your dreams.

Here's what you get


12 weekly 1-hour coaching sessions (via Zoom)


Access to exclusive training videos with explanations and insights


Exercises and strategies to work on in your own time


Ad hoc e-mail or messenger support between coaching sessions

What we'll cover

Your Investment

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  • 3 monthly payments of 549 €

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  • Pay in full and save 150 €

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