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Leadership is something you cannot learn without experiencing it. But you can get support while you grow.

Whether you have staff moving into new leadership positions or established leaders dealing with challenging situations, coaching and mentoring are highly effective tools.

As a trained Coach with extensive personal experience in Leadership, Senior Management and HR positions, I am able to provide strong support at eye-level. 

Feedback & Performance Reviews

Feedback is only effective, when the recipient is also on board. 

Many companies have a framework focused on training people how to deliver feedback, but have a gap when it comes to supporting staff in receiving it. This can often result in conflict with negative consequences in the long-run: when we've had bad experiences, we tend to give and ask for less feedback. 

I provide training and coaching for both the sender and the recipient, making sure feedback conversations can be honest and constructive for both sides. 

If you have a formal Performance Review Process (or want to establish one) it's a great idea to integrate it with this topic. 

Outplacement & Job Applications

I provide training and coaching about all stages of the job application process: from finding the best opportunities to applying for a role, optimal preparation for job interviews and negotiating contracts.

With my personal experience both as a hiring manager and head of HR, I not only bring all of the knowledge about what employers are looking for, but I also provide valuable background about the processes that can help applicants make the best choices.

In addition, I  specialise in helping applicants who want to move into new areas identify and highlight their transferable skills, maximising their opportunities to move into different roles from the ones they held before.

Enneagram Personality Profiles

There are many personality profiling tools out there that can help people learn more about themselves, but the Enneagram is special.

The biggest benefit of the Enneagram Profiles is that it can help us to better understand others as well. This makes it a great tool in business, helping to improve relationships with clients, among colleagues and between leaders and their teams.

The Enneagram describes 9 different personality profiles based on their core motivation, getting right to the root cause of behaviour, performance and preferences.

Understanding the preferences of each type can allow us to adapt and develop strategies that make everyone's lives easier. 


There were many eye-openers in these sessions and we were thrilled by Linnet's excellent preparation and how her seminars delivered tangible results.

— director global development

How it works

When businesses reach out to me to provide support, I often find that their circumstances and requirements are unique. 

Will your team members require 1:1 coaching, online training sessions, or in-person workshops?

What’s the context of the request and the goals you want to achieve? 

As a first step, please book a call, so that we can get together and discuss your needs. 

I’ll be happy to provide a customised offer based on our conversation.

I look forward to working with you.

Employees who feel supported in their personal development are often more productive, have more commitment to their job, and stay with their company for longer.

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