Successful & Happy !

Are you ready for more clarity and inner freedom? 

Hi, I'm Lin Jurutka - Personal Development Coach & Trainer

I help high achievers take charge of their mindset,
so they can move from self-doubt to inner freedom
and create a successful & happy life!

Do you often…

  • worry about making mistakes
  • feel like you’re being judged 
  • let others drag you down
  • wish you could take things less personal
  • over-deliver in your work and still wonder if it’s enough
  • try to stay ahead by being very self-critical 
  • wish you were more resilient 
  • want to make changes, but feel like you’re stuck

You want for things to change, but you don’t know how?

Take a deep breath. There is a way.

I can support you to:

  • get clarity on what it is you need
  • strengthen yourself mentally
  • deal with judgement and rejection
  • overcome inner blocks that are holding you back
  • take charge of your path forward
  • free yourself from the weight of expectations
  • make choices in alignment with your own values
Work-Life Balance
Picture by Kayla Butler / Ivory Mix

We all have the potential to be successful and happy at the same time. 

We often think that once we’re successful, THEN we can be happy. 

But success and happiness are not the reward for working hard. They are what we should experience every day.

Personal Development Coaching helps you understand yourself and your needs a lot better. You gain insights that allow you to make the changes that work best for you, so you can lead the life you really want. 

Let me give you the tools that will help you to get more clarity, confidence and joy! 

Free Productivity Planner
& Training Video

Get ahead in your life by working with this Productivity Planner.

By spending a little time each day to focus on some key questions, you can accomplish big improvements.

The “secret sauce” of the planner:

  1. Clarity – helping you define where you spend your time and energy
  2. Energy & Motivation – building sustainable physical, mental and emotional strength
  3. Progress – moving forward in the right direction and in a meaningful way

As you are working with the planner you increase your focus on your true priorities. 

At the same time, you can track what is working out for you and what isn’t, so you can make sustainable improvements that will make a big difference in your life.

Just click on the button to claim your planner along with access to the training video.

The video includes:

  • how to best work through the document
  • examples 
  • information on how the planner can help you become more successful & happy

Take charge and gain inner freedom

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