Hey there, nice to meet you!

I'm Lin

I’m a Personal Development Coach and a recovering stressaholic.

My mission is to empower high achievers to live a successful life with more clarity, confidence and motivation every day! 

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My Background

Before I became a Coach I worked in Project Management and HR for different international companies. I was ambitious and good at my job and so I got promoted into leadership positions while I was still quite young.

But I had a love-hate relationship with my job most of the time.

While I loved working with my clients, I also noticed I was getting more and more anxious. The workload was high and I was always trying to think 2 steps ahead to avoid problems. 

At some stage, I wasn’t really able to switch off anymore. I was checking emails at all hours and got calls from the office even when I was on vacation or in hospital. I was just uptight and stressed most of the time and I even had trouble sleeping at night.

This wasn’t just affecting me, but also my friends and family.

Eventually, I realised that something had to change. I wanted to be successful because I thought it would make me happy. So why wasn’t I happy?

I spent a lot of time looking for tools to help me cope better and I fell in love with coaching. I worked with coaches and read everything on the topic that I could get my hands on.

I learned to look inside myself for answers rather than trying to manage everyone and everything else on the outside.

My big leap of faith was when I left my day-job to do a full-time Coaching Certification Course and go into business for myself. Looking back at it, that was definitely the best decision for me.

As a coach, I realise that everyone has their own path to get more happiness and quality back into their life. There’s no “one size fits all”.

Nowadays, I feel like a different person. I’m always running around with a book in my bag, eager to share the latest things that I learned. I have dreams and I have goals. I do sports, I look after my diet and I meditate. I’m obsessed with all things personal development.

I live in Germany, but I spent almost 10 years in Ireland where I went to school and university and I’ve always loved working in an international environment. Because of that, I do most of my work in English, but I also work with German-speaking clients.

I still firmly believe that it’s a reasonable expectation to have a career and be happy.

After all, when you work hard you deserve to feel good!

Most of all: I love seeing people succeed after they’ve worked with me.

My wish is for you to find something here, that will get you ahead in your life, too!
I’d love to work with you!

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