Hey there, nice to meet you!

I'm Lin
...that's short for Linnet

I’m a Personal Development Coach and Trainer.

I spent a lot of my life believing that success would make me happy. Instead, I ended up chronically stressed and unhappy. That just didn’t seem fair, so I went looking for answers.
I learned that being both successful & happy is absolutely possible when we focus on the answers inside of us. 
That’s why I absolutely love working as a coach, helping my clients feel good about themselves while they successfully pursue their ambitions in life.
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My Background

For the longest time, I felt like I was living two lives.

On the outside, I was confident and successful, working hard to earn my spot and speaking up for myself and others.

On the inside, I was exhausted and deeply insecure. I had a loud inner critic that was constantly questioning everything.

Was I a good enough leader? Was I doing enough for my projects? Did I say too much, did I say too little, did I say the wrong thing? Was my boss happy with my work? Sometimes I couldn’t sleep, I would think about the day before or about the day to come. Then I was tired and that made it even worse.

I couldn’t remember when it happened. I used to drive into work feeling excited, looking forward to being a part of the buzz.  But one day I found myself stuck in a traffic jam and actually happy that I was going to be late for work.

I used to love my job. I knew I was good at my job. But the constant pressure was taking its toll. It felt as though someone had switched off my lights.

It took me a while to unravel what had happened, I picked apart my experiences, my expectations and my feelings. At the end of the day, one thing was clear: pointing the finger out to the world, hoping that someone else would change, take back what they said or apologise for what happened would not help me one bit.

The only thing that could help me was to take back control of my life.

What went wrong was not what people did, it was the story I believed about what happened and what that said about me. And once I re-wrote that story, I was finally able to sleep again, to get excited about work and to get my spark back.

I got back my belief that it was possible to be both successful and happy.

Part of that was making a decision to change what I do for a living. After almost 20 years of working for others, managing people, projects and processes, I decided to start something new and focus on personal development.

I really want to help people who find themselves in a similar situation to get to a better place much faster than I did. There is no need to keep putting on a brave face.

If you find yourself feeling even a bit like I did, then I want to be the one you can come to for help, so you can get back your spark and shine your light out into the world again.

My wish is for you to find something here, that will get you ahead in your life, too!
I’d love to work with you!

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