Hey there, nice to meet you!


Hi, I'm Linnet...

I’m an expert in personal development with a focus on Career, Life & Leadership Coaching and Training.

When we go to work, we don’t leave our personality at home.

The way we feel about our work and the way we interact with others has a strong impact on our wellbeing.

I believe strongly, that we have the power to create a better experience for ourselves: either through the way we approach our work or by changing what we do.

That’s why I absolutely love working as a coach, helping my clients feel good about themselves while they successfully pursue their ambitions.

My Background

After almost 20 years in the corporate world, I can relate to a lot of the experiences of my clients.

I have both been very successful and unsuccessful in my jobs. I know what it’s like to be fired (and recover!) and I know what it’s like to be developed and promoted into leadership roles.

I worked in Leadership Positions for more than 10 years: both in operations as Project Management Department Head and also in HR Management, supporting other people leaders and senior management.

Most of the time, I was working for large, international companies with complex processes and structures.

  • I was part of countless discussions with decision makers behind closed doors.
  • I was one of the decision makers.
  • I gave performance evaluations and I trained other people leaders in the process.
  • I supported people through conflicts at work.
  • I was part of a senior management team making strategic decisions and served as advisor to other senior teams.
  • I reviewed countless job applications and lead job interviews – both as hiring manager and also in an HR role supporting other hiring managers.
  • I was involved in restructuring projects, job changes and terminations.

And all this time, I was also an employee, dealing with my own challenges, growth and relationships at work. I had to learn, adapt and advance my skills.

The changes that I experienced in my own career have helped me develop a very useful framework for clients looking to move into new roles and different areas of expertise.

Most of all, I’ve always wanted to understand the psychology behind what was happening, which motivated me to move my career into coaching.

In order to learn the best methodologies to support my clients, I qualified as a certified Coach, Trainer and Business Facilitator.

Whether it’s about confidence in leadership, getting over a conflict or making the next move: it’s my mission to help my clients become more successful and happy in their career!

My wish is for you to find something here, that will get you ahead in your life, too!

I’d love to work with you!

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