The Level Up Program

For Ambitious Women in Business

Build your self-trust, inner strength, freedom and success…

So you can create the life you’ve always wanted!

Does this sound like you?

  • A dedicated worker, but often feel overwhelmed or exhausted
  • Confident on the outside, but inwardly worried that you’ll be judged or criticised by others
  • Approval seeking
  • Someone who’s been told that you’re too direct / too shy / too harsh / too nice / too much/ too…
  • In need of more mental and emotional strength
  • Holding back because you’re secretly afraid that you may not be good enough
  • Setting yourself impossibly high standards with a critical inner voice keeping you in check
  • Someone who has great potential, but getting in your own way
  • Ready to get clarity on what it is you need and want
  • Willing to lead yourself and others more effectively
  • Looking for an energy boost and new motivation
  • Wanting to show up more authentically and creating a deeper connection and understanding with others

If you answered yes to any of the above, then it’s time to free yourself and get ready to move yourself to a whole new level in your business life!

The Level Up Program

A 4-month mindset development program with mentoring, deep inner discovery, success acceleration strategies and personal development support to transform you into the leader you want to be in business and life.

Boost your self-esteem, resilience, energy and mental fitness!

Here's what you get

1:1 Coaching

Two sessions every month at a time that suits you.

Training Videos

Access to exclusive training videos.

Exercises & Strategies

Exercises and strategies to work on in your own time.


Additional email/messenger support between coaching sessions.

Meet Linnet Jurutka

For almost 20 years I worked in the Corporate world in Project Management, HR Management and as a People Leader.

In this time I experienced all the ups and downs of a career in business (from once getting fired for a lack of performance to later being developed and promoted as part of talent management and receiving achievement awards). 

Eventually I realised that while I was successful on the outside, I was less and less happy on the inside, so I set out to learn how to get better. This resulted in the decision to make some major changes. I left my corporate career, qualified as a Certified Coach and Trainer and have been helping professionals (both corporate and self-employed) to deal with their business-related struggles ever since.

Under the banner “successful and happy” I have focused on using mindset work to help high achievers move past their blocks to reach their goals while feeling great about themselves. I deliver this both through 1:1 coaching as well as group trainings for companies, leadership teams and other coaches.

With the Level Up Program I have developed an offer that is bringing together the best tried and tested methods to help you raise your energy, boost your self-esteem and up-level your mindset, so you can have the successful and happy life you long for and be an amazing leader to yourself and others.


"Since my Coaching sessions, I can lead a lot more authentically. I enjoy my job again and I'm certain that I'm in the right place. In our sessions, I always felt that we were communicating at eye-level, because Linnet understands the problems in the daily life of a people leader from her own background. She is perceptive, approachable, well-structured and most of all: has personal experience in business. My work with Linnet changed my life and allowed me to be more joyful in pursuing my passion for leadership. I feel happier now and more at ease."
Operations Director
"Best coaching ever!"
Sales Manager
"While working with Linnet I picked up strong feelings of determination, resourcefulness, vulnerability, strengths, love, compassion and a warm friendly approach. The feeling that whatever was presented to her, she would approach with kindness and compassion. That she was perceptive, fair and respectful. I am grateful for having worked with her to take steps forward and progress with my business. Thank you, Linnet for sharing your beautiful qualities with me and the other fortunate people whom you coach."
"Thank you for all your support, which really lead to the success I had hoped for. With your coaching expertise, you showed me how to use my knowledge and skills with focus and appreciation. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your support! On top of everything, you helped me raise my ‘market value’ by 30%! I never thought that was even possible. Thanks for helping me get the new job!”
Regional Sales Executive
“Linnet is the best coach I have ever worked with and she has helped me through a wide range of situations. With her help, I transformed my life from being overworked and annoyed to having a more focused and relaxed life. What I love most about her is her ability to ask the right questions that help me discover myself. She is also an expert when it comes to productivity and self-care tips. Her caring and calm personality makes it easy to talk to her. Working with her also led to a much better family life for me – she practically saved my marriage! I highly recommend her!”
Webdesign Specialist


Payment Plan

  • 4 monthly payments of 399 €

Pay In Full

  • Pay in full and save 100€


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you can edit every single element.

Yes, this might seem big and it will take courage!

I’m not saying it’s going to be comfortable…even though I know it will be exhilarating!

This program will give you the mindset for success you know you have the potential for. This is where the Self-Leadership Program stands out from the crowd! And this is why you will get RESULTS like no other program you’ve done before.

If you’re not quite sure, I’m offering a free call to create your roadmap to a better life.

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